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KitchenArena - Home & Kitchen Appliances | Buying Guides Apr 03, 2021  · Kitchenarena Provides Buyer's Guides for Various Home and Kitchen Appliances in a easy to understand manner even for the Layman Person.

7 Best Inverter Battery in India (2021) Buyer's Guide! Nov 29, 2020  · Power cuts are frequent almost throughout India. It is more so in villages and the smaller towns. The larger metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. generally do not experience much power cuts. However, they face problems like voltage instability. Thus, almost every home in India has an inverter to cater to such emergencies. A battery […]

11 Best Pressure Cooker in India (2021) Buyer's Guide ... Sep 19, 2019  · The most common appliance you find in every Indian Kitchen is the Pressure cooker. What makes the pressure cooker such a sought-after item in the home? This buying guide will explain it in detail. The pressure cooker works on similar lines. The only difference is that the sealing of the utensil is perfect thereby ensuring […]

10 Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India (2021) The advantages of the side-by-side refrigerators are that it offers more space to keep your food fresh. Some of the fridges have additional features like the external water dispenser, flexibility in its performance, powerful compressors that come with higher …

Best Pressure washers in India (2021) For Cars, Home! Jul 29, 2018  · Cleanliness begins at home. In spite of all the sweeping and mopping you do every day, there are millions of minute dust particles that stick to crevices in the walls window frames, grilles, and the flooring. You need a pressure washer to remove these stubborn dust particles. Similarly, your car and two-wheeler could also benefit […]

10 Best Refrigerators under ₹30000 in India (2021 ... It is difficult to imagine an Indian home without a refrigerator. The climatic conditions in almost all cities in India necessitate the use of a fridge. The choice of the ideal refrigerator depends on the individual. Various factors decide the refrigerator you purchase for your home. The best aspect is that you have a …

Nano Silver Filter in Air Purifiers & Air Conditioners! Jul 03, 2018  · In the ordinary course, the standard material used for filtration of air is Activated Carbon. One must admit that activated carbon is excellent at eliminating impurities from the air and water. However, a lot depends on the microporosity and the surface area. The larger the surface area and greater the porosity, the more efficient is […]

11 Best Mattress in India (2021) | Ultimate Buying Guide! As it drastically relieves the pain points on the body, the user enjoys a comfortable sleeping experience every night. The Smart Grid is made of hyper-elastic polymer gel material capable of absorbing pressure while providing excellent comfort to the body. The protruding parts, like the hips and the shoulders, experience the soft feeling.

Photocatalytic Filter in Air Conditioners & Air Purifiers! Jun 29, 2018  · Light has amazing powers. It can give life to plants as they prepare their food using sunlight. Not many people know that light can also purify the air we breathe. Some of the latest air conditioners and air purifiers use this characteristic of light to purify the air. The photocatalytic filter is a prime example […]

Types of Filters Used in Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers Jun 02, 2018  · A filter is an essential component in any air-conditioner. It removes dust particles from the air. It is vital for the functioning of the air conditioner. The dust and the debris on the filter will obstruct passage of air. This hampers the cooling and reduces the …

Top 9 Best Juicers in India (2021) - Buyer's Guide & Reviews! Jun 02, 2018  · A filter is an essential component in any air-conditioner. It removes dust particles from the air. It is vital for the functioning of the air conditioner. The dust and the debris on the filter will obstruct passage of air. This hampers the cooling and reduces the …

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines - Explained! Jun 02, 2018  · A filter is an essential component in any air-conditioner. It removes dust particles from the air. It is vital for the functioning of the air conditioner. The dust and the debris on the filter will obstruct passage of air. This hampers the cooling and reduces the …

7 Best Coir Mattress in India (2021) From Top Brands! Mar 22, 2021  · They require a little bit of hardness to provide the ideal support for their aching spines. The coir mattress should provide the best option. Hence, you find the leading orthopedics recommending coir mattress for people with bad backs. This buying guide discusses the aspects to focus on when investing in a coir mattress.

Best AC under ₹25000 in India for 2021 (1 Ton, 0.8 Ton) Apr 03, 2021  · You ask Chennaites to name the three seasons they experience in the city, the most probable answer would be Hot, Hotter, and Hottest. Though it is in a lighter vein, it drives home the fact that the air conditioner is a household item in the city. Almost every family has one, if not more. Thus, […]

7 Best Espresso Machines in India 2021 - (Buying Guide) Oct 06, 2018  · It is an energy efficient coffee maker with an A Class energy rating. The machine switches off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. Cleaning the device is also easy because of the removable 24-ounce water tank.

9 Best Solar Panels in India 2021 | Buyer's Guide & Reviews! Mar 17, 2020  · Versatility – These panels are the most versatile of the lot, as they are perfect for charging 24V batteries. The positive aspect is that you can place multiple panels in series for 24/48V battery charging. Durability – These panels can withstand heavy rains, hailstorms, and snowfall. The panels have a layer of aluminium to provide additional support, thereby enabling it to last for decades.

10 Best Window AC in India (2021) Buyer's Guide & Reviews! Summers in India can become quite oppressive. The global warming phenomenon has ensured that summers starts earlier than usual. At the same time, they last longer as well. Hence, you have summers ascending on our towns as early as March and continue up to August or September. The air conditioner becomes an important accessory during […]

Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology RO Water Purifiers ... Sep 23, 2020  · No one needs an introduction to water purifiers because practically every Indian house has one. The quality of source water in India forces them to install a water purifier. Though water purifiers work on various technologies, the Reverse Osmosis (RO as it is popularly known) is the most preferred and perhaps, the most effective, as […]

Best AC under ₹50000 in India (2021) 2 Ton, BEE 5 Star Rating! The air conditioner has almost become an indispensable part of our lives today. With the summer heat starting to beat down on our cities and villages, it is the right time to invest in an AC. As you have an extensive range of ACs available on the Indian online market scene, it can be challenging […]

Anti-Bacterial Filter in Air Conditioners - Explained! Jul 06, 2018  · The most significant advantage is that it traps the airborne contaminants including dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, and viruses. The regular use of the anti-bacterial filter in the air conditioning units can improve the quality of indoor air.

15 Best Gas Stoves in India (2021) 2, 3, 4 Burner | Buyer ... Sep 24, 2020  · Cooking is an art. You need the best tools in the business to ensure that you prepare the best dishes for your family. The gas stove is and has always been an indomitable part of the kitchens in India. Every homemaker would love to have the Best Gas stove to adorn her kitchen. People might […]

Blue Fin, Gold Fin & Micro Channel Condenser Coils in AC ... Nov 09, 2018  · The coils have a vital role to play in the functioning of an air conditioner. Any air conditioner works on the following four principles. Compression Pressurization of the gas thereby converting it to high-pressure hot liquid Condensation The liquid flows through coils where the conversion of high-pressure hot liquid to the cool liquid takes place […]

BLDC Fans | Technology | Normal fans vs BLDC Fans! Sep 30, 2018  · These fans come with a remote control unit thereby allowing you to switch on and off the fans easily.. These BLDC motor fans come with a Timer and Sleep mode that will enable you to set a specific time limit (number of hours) while sleeping.. The technology reduces the speed of the fan gradually after the set time. It enables you to save more electricity.

9 Best Water Purifiers in India (2021) - Buyer's Guide ... Nov 05, 2020  · Water from natural sources like rivers and lakes get contaminated with the human, plant, animal, and industrial waste. Our Municipalities add chlorine or fluorine to the groundwater to get rid of viruses and bacteria. Despite these efforts, our tap water contains harmful chemicals. Therefore, installing the best water purifier should be a priority for every […]

What is Mosquito Away technology in LG Air Conditioners ... Nov 12, 2018  · Heat and humidity can make it difficult for you to sleep well. You can use your fans to deliver cold air, but nothing can beat the air conditioner is providing a comfortable environment to sleep peacefully. However, you can have some unwelcome guests in your room. Yes, we are referring to the humble mosquitoes. These […]

11 Best Washing Machines Under ₹30000 in India (2021) Oct 06, 2020  · The 6-motion control technology enables the drum to move in multiple directions to ensure proper turbulence. Thus, your fabrics come out cleaner. This washing machine comes with a heater option to increase the temperature of water to 60 degrees Celsius and remove the most stubborn stains.. Keeping the water at 40 degrees for 15 minutes and washing them at 60 degrees removes bacteria, …

7 Best Convertible Refrigerators in India (2021) Aug 27, 2020  · The Normal mode is the default mode with the standard fridge and freezer compartment. The seasonal mode allows you to switch off the freezer and use the fridge compartment alone because you might not need ice during the winter months.. At the same time, you do not use the fridge when you embark on a vacation.

Inverter Technology in Refrigerators - Linear | Digital ... Apr 21, 2020  · Refrigerators working on the inverter compressor technology do not make much noise. Also, The temperature inside Inverter refrigerators is stable.These fridges are expensive initially, but they are beneficial because they save you a lot in overhead costs.

10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India 2021 (Fully ... Oct 03, 2020  · If it was the Semi-Automatic Washing Machines that were popular some time back, the fully automatic machines rule the market today.. You have two types of fully automatic machines, namely the Top-loading machines and the Front-loading machines.. Depending on the country of usage, the popularity and preference of washing machines change.

9 Best Double Door refrigerators in India (2021) The summer months are the time when people go out of their way to purchase refrigerators. Naturally, you need this appliance to keep your food fresh in the oppressive heat. You get your glass of cold refreshing water as well when you have the fridge at home. …

Size of Water Heater/Geyser (6, 10,15,25,50 litres) - What ... Nov 07, 2017  · If people use the bathroom one after the other and consume say 15 to 25 litres of water, a 15 litre or 25-litre geyser should be the ideal one, especially of you belong to the southern part of India where the input water temperature is not very low.

9 Best Voltage Stabilizer in India for AC, TV ... Oct 23, 2019  · Except for the big metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and so on, you experience voltage fluctuations almost everywhere in India. Almost every night you find the AC tripping up frequently. As you go deep into the summer months, the frequency of tripping increases manifold. The same is the case with your Led TV, fridge, and washing […]

9 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India (2021) Sep 09, 2019  · Semi-automatic machines have a market in almost all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. In spite of many people gravitating towards the fully automatic machines, there is an available clientele for these semi-automatic models as well.

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