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Mu Online


Release date: Oct 06, 2003

Developer: Webzen

Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

ESRB rating: Teen

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Publishers: Webzen · Asiasoft · ZhaoUC

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Mu Online Private Servers Toplist UnityMU Season 6 Episode 3 - Best quality gaming on new long-term server! Join and explore true muonline experience that you wont see on other mu servers ! Best MUOnline server. MIGHT MU IS AN INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE MUONLINE SEASON 6 100 Drop 30 Ver S6E3 Premium Files IGCN 24 7 …

Mu Online private servers Season 2 Mu Online private servers Season 2. Season 2 brings Kanturu event where you can get Gemstones that can be crafted into Jewel of Harmony, New maps Aida, Aida2, SD bar for PVP, SD and Complex Potions as well as new 380 level items, Bone Blade, Explosion Blade, Soleil Scepter, Sylph Wind Bow, and Grand Viper Staff, as well as new 380 level sets: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylphid Ray and Sunlight ...

Guardian Ice Dragon Pet - Pets - Mu Online Forums Sep 09, 2020  · Guardian-Ice Dragon Pet 1. Introduction 1) The 2nd Guardian For Ice is added. (1) The 2nd Guardian For Ice and For Ice (Rare) are added. ① Ice dragons (rare) can be obtained with low probability as guardians of different colors from ice dragons. (2) …

2.5 lvl wings - Items - Mu Online Forums Oct 13, 2019  · The item that will determine which class your wing level 2.5 is not your level 2 wing, but your Custom Item Thats Determines Wing Class. This is guide for mu online private server The level and options of your level 2 wing don't influence the success rate. …

[Guide] How To Expand Inventory - Quests - Mu Online Forums May 26, 2020  · To expand your vault, you need an item called Vault Expansion Certificate.To expand your inventory (1/2), you need an item called Magic Backpack. 1. Talk to «Wandering Merchant Zyro» and accept the quest. Coordinates. Lorencia (131,138) Noria (186,109) Devias (226,52) Elveland (55,199) Quest «Anc...

[Season9] Tormented Square - Events - Mu Online Forums Jan 26, 2019  · Tormented Square is an upgraded version of Devil Square event which a team of. 2 people competes with other teams in the Survival of the Fittest. There are 15 rounds in total, and the rounds 5, 10, 15 are boss stages. 200 devastating monsters appear after each boss stage.

Golden Sentence and Crest - Items - Mu Online Forums Apr 24, 2019  · At forth wing (4th class wings) creation is needed 8 peaces of ingredients : Garudas Feather Garudas Flame50 Golden Crests or Golden Sentence Higher Magic Stone Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30) Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30) Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30) Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30) Golden sentence d...

Manticore set - 7th Mastery Set - Season 16 - Mu Online Forums Oct 27, 2020  · 7th Mastery Set Armor Maticore Items Dragon Knight Maticore Items Roaring Manticore Knight Set Wear condition level 1200 or higher division Knight helmet Knight armor Knight pants Knight boots Demand force 781 933 844 739 Demand agility 240 287 256 224 Defense 391 414 404 390 Set options 2Set 3Se...

[Season9] Gremory Case - Game Guides - Mu Online Forums Oct 18, 2018  · Gremory Case 1. Gremory Case is a storage where you can keep event maps, GM event rewards and etc.2.Details - You can keep event maps, GM rewards and etc. - You can send the items in Gremory Case to your inventory. - Items stored have expiration date.Item disappears when it expires. - …

Commands in game - Game Guides - Mu Online Forums May 14, 2019  · Here are the list of commands for players and game masters for mu online private servers! List of commands for players Allow to post a message within actual Game Server, usage: /post message PostCMD = /post Allows to post a message among all sub servers usage: /gpost message GlobalPostCMD = /gpos...

Excellent socket necklaces - Items - Mu Online Forums Sep 09, 2020  · Excellent socket necklace Guide by MUKOREA 1. Introduction 1) Excellent socket necklace (1) Excellent socket necklace has a total of 4 types. (2) Excellent socket necklaces have excellent options like necklace items in existing games, This …

Ghost Horse Creation and level up - Guardian System - Pets ... Sep 01, 2020  · Ghost Horse Creation and level up guide. You can acquire the Guardian Items by purchasing them at the NPC "Moss" located in Elveland. Description of the Guardian Items Any Guardian Item can be used from level 800 onward same success rate are on all mu online private servers.Ghost Town is equipped from inventory.

Wind-Mu S16 Ep.3 PREMIUM (28-FEB-2021) - Mu Servers - Mu ... Feb 28, 2021  · Season 16 Episode 3 I.G.C.N Premium Files. - Grand Reset System: Available at level 1200 and it gives W-Coin equivalent with (100 euro) and 500 extra points. - Achievements System: Yes. (You have to complete some task's and you will be rewarded with GP-WC and many more prizes.

Mu Online private servers Season 6 MU S63 FREE -MU keep point, Reset ingame. -MAX Point : 130.000 -Shop có bán : Wing tân thủ, ngọc custom, set FO tất cả class -Event nhận quà theo mốc reset : 100 200 400 555 777 v.v ( reset càng nhiều item càng giá trị nhé ) -Event của GM diễn ra vào...

[Season12] 4Th Class Quest - Game Guides - Mu Online Forums Oct 18, 2018  · The 4th Class Upgrade Quest is made up of three stages: Stage 1 -> Stage 2 -> Stage 3. For example, a player who has not completed the stage 1 will not get the completion credit for the stage 2 even after clearing it together with another member who acquired the stage 2 of the quest. A) Quest Progression Example.

Mu Online Private Servers Romania MUPCNET Season 12-2 ROMANIA. Season 12 x500. SEASON 12-2 Server Exp 500x // 5-Party Exp 700x // Drop 80 // Long Term Server 24/7 Online // Premium Private Server // New Items // New Events // Make Mu Great Again// ROMANIA PREMIUM SERVE. Points.

Accessory combination: Earrings - Season 14 - Mu Online Forums Oct 11, 2018  · Earring level up. Earring level can be increased in chaos machine with Earring reinforcement button. To level it up player must have Three Vacancies, which can be made from accessories items in chaos machine from button: Accessory Combination.. 2. earring earring 1) Morse NPC [Mastery Accessories Box] items will be added . A. You can open a box with one gem of …

Mu Online private servers 97, 98, and 99 version Mu Online private servers 97, 98, and 99 version. First version of Mu Online was launched in 2001 by Korean Company Webzen. First playable and entertaining version 97d and 99 is launched few years later. Game starts with 3 characters Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf with evolution quests to classes Soul Master, Blade Knight, and Muse Elf. Promote Now.

Harmony Upgrade Item - Game Guides - Mu Online Forums Oct 17, 2018  · MU Online Upgrading Items with Jewel of Harmony Harmony Option How To Upgrade To upgrade your item simply drag and drop your Jewel of Harmony over it. There is a chance of failing whereyou will lose your jewel. When the upgrading succeeds the item will be bound to …

Mu Online Private Servers Singapore Mu Online Private servers that is hosted and loceted in Singapore. Promote Now. Sponsored Advertisments 3$ A day. GlobalMuOnline Season 16 X999999 Fun/Easy server opening 22.January. Easy X99999 style server with latest possible version: Season 16. …

[Season13] Magic Stone - Items - Mu Online Forums Oct 19, 2018  · Magic Stone - They are Items required for combinations as of Season 13 EP1. - Depending on the price of the item the number of Magic Stone created may be different. - If the Item does not meet the requirements to create the Magic Stone, the item in the combination will be destroyed. - …

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