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The FIRST and ONLY website in the Philippines that combines the service of sampling and digital media campaigns. Sample Room is committed in aiding you to get the best beauty product that matches well with you. Our mission is to educate consumers about products before buying them. Aside from giving out free product samples, Sample Room also provides reviews from local consumers who have availed of the samples, beauty experts and partner bloggers- making it a one-stop avenue where beauty shoppers get to read, learn and try all at the same time! The consumer is YOU. And we give you the POWER to take hold of your purchasing decisions, so that you may never have to guess the effectiveness of a product on you. Try it now at for free!

Founded: 2012

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Shipping and Handling - Sample Room Please find below details of our delivery, shipping and handling information. How many days will it take for the product samples to reach me? Normally, it will take 3-4 working days to reach to a Metro Manila address, and around 4-7 working days for outside Metro Manila.

Naturals by Watsons - Sample Room Naturals by Watsons. Grow lovelier with nature’s finest organic ingredients from around the world. Naturals by Watsons presents a range of products that contain “double the power” of its active ingredient to enhance efficacy.

OraCare Mouthrinse ( Cool ) - Sample Room OraCare Mouthrinse is a mouthwash that contains Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. Its no-alcohol formulation keeps the mouth’s natural moisture and provides a clean, fresh feeling without the painful burning sensation and sting.

C-Lium Fibre (Capsule) - Sample Room C-Lium Fibre is the daily natural soluble and insoluble Fiber supplement for the maintenance of healthy bowel movement and the improvement of blood sugar or cholesterol levels with long term, sustainable results (vs. Instant relief medications).

Sappe Beauti Drink (Collagen 1,000 mg) - Sample Room Sappe Beauti Drink with 1000 mg of Collagen is a great buy for women who would love to improve their skin, hair, and nails. I think it is a great product and the flavors are awesome.

Soleil et Lune (Brigitte) - Sample Room What I love about this product is the mild and clean scent. It makes me feel fresh. However, the scent does not stay long on my skin, and when I spray it on my clothes.

Jergens Ultra Healing (Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer) Jergens lotion is a classic, I grew up using it. The new packaging design is very nice. The scent is perfect for those who doesn't want overpowering smells.

Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil bring together nature’s powerful multivitamins and Argan oil which are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-complex, essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, calcium and other minerals.

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream - Sample Room Gly Derm® Stretch Mark Cream is specially formulated with tri-derm actives that help in rebuilding collagen and regaining skin elasticity. GLY DERM® is clinically proven to help improve the color and reduce the size of stretch marks.

SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion SPF20 Experience the power of instant white! SkinWhite PowerWhitening lotion with Advanced Tri- Power Technology ensures whiter skin in an instant. Best for skin type: Dry to normal Product availability: Available in all leading stores nationwide FULL SIZES: 50ml / 100ml / 200ml PRICES: PHP 71.00 / PHP 123.25 / PHP 235 SAMPLE SIZE: 1 pc. 100ml This product is our Editor's Pick for the month of May …

Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid Maxi-Peel introduces Maxi-Peel Zero, the first micro exfoliant fluid with skin vitamins that gently cleanses and exfoliates every layer of your skin with ZERO REDNESS and ZERO PEELING.

Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner I've been using it for almost 3 weeks now day & night time, I don't wear make-ups since the pandemic started as I do work from home. But the Belo intensive whitening toner is truly an agent to start helping my skin renew, I notice that it slowly removes dark spots on my face and I …

MEN - Sample Room Men, you are welcome here!Looking good doesn't need to be complicated. Here are products tailor-fit for you - uncomplicated, no-fuss, effective. We celebrate your …

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Lotion with SPF 25 and Dual ... Gluta-C Body Lotion with Dual Antioxidant Defense and SPF 25 is non-greasy and penetrates the skin to hasten whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging while reversing …

Physiogel Cleanser - Sample Room PHYSIOGEL™ Cleanser is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap-free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin. Its non-greasy formula does not contain animal fats, providing a gentle cleansing and maintenance of the skin's natural pH balance.

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Lightening Foam Cleanser This is my first time using a Cathy Doll product. I like this cleanser on my face and surprisingly it really leaves my skin nice and glowing. You can visibly see the whitening effect every single wash and it is really foamy even when you apply only a small amount of the product.

Kamillosan Mouth Spray - Sample Room Kamillosan Mouth Spray is an anti-inflammatory agent; it alleviates irritation, supports wound healing and exerts an antiseptic as well as deodorizing effect.

Céleteque Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist contains Hydrolyzed Liquids and NMF that restore moisture to the skin and improve its elasticity and softness.Water from Fuji has trace elements that rejuvenate the skin to make it feel more supple and refreshed.

Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream Today’s woman lives a 24/7 on-the-go life. Finally, The Pond’s Institute introduces the best anti-aging technology yet from Pond’s – NEW Pond’s Age Miracle, with Retinol-C …

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap Discover a new level of healthy white that’s touchably-soft with Seoul White Double White Whitening Soap! This gentle bar combines the brightening powers of arbutin bearberry and tried-and-tested kojic acid to deliver long-term skin lightening.

Céleteque® DermoScience™ Dark Spot Corrector This is a hit from Céleteque! I've been getting a lot of pimples lately, and with that comes pimple marks, unfortunately. This really helps in lightening up my dark spots!

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner Gugo Strengthening Shampoo strengthens and promotes hair growth for thicker, fuller hair.. How to use: 1. Wet hair, apply and massage all over hair and scalp. 2. Rinse well. Use daily or as often as needed. *Works best with the conditioner as a system.

Vaseline - Sample Room Vaseline. Our mission is to provide the knowledge, advice and products that enable everyone to enjoy great, healthy looking skin every day. Vaseline makes accessible, everyday skin care products.

Apollo Castor Oil - Sample Room Get fuller lashes and brows the natural way with Apollo Castor Oil. By just adding a simple step to your routine, you can say hello to a more put-together, youthful face even on your makeup free days.

How to Earn Points - Sample Room SAMPLE ROOM CONTESTS . From time to time, Sample Room will hold activities and contests that can let you earn more points. So be an active Sample Room member- earn more poitns and avail the samples that you want!

Safeguard Natural Detox Bamboo Charcoal - Sample Room Safeguard Detox formula, infused with Bamboo Charcoal extracts, gives your skin a thorough cleanse by washing away germs, dirt and grease. Your skin feels rejuvenated – as though it can breathe freely again.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo - Sample Room A. OLAY REGENERIST MIRACLE BOOST YOUTH PRE-ESSENCE. Olay introduces the new Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Pre-essence to address your skin care bottleneck and …

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Melon Smoothie Have a healthy and youthful glow with a daily drink of Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Melon Smoothie! Every sachet is made with 5000mg of high-absorption collagen and advanced anti-aging formula that help decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity and suppleness.

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream - Sample Room Belo Underarm Whitening Cream is a superb cream! I love its scent and consistency. And to the whitening effect, I can say that I'm impressed. It worked well for me with just a week of using it.

Belo Essentials AcnePro Pimple Gel - Sample Room Belo Essentials AcnePro is a range of scientifically-formulated products, each with a distinct benefit for smoother and pimple-free skin. This powerful anti-acne line is infused with Purified Bee Venom clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne and reduce inflammation.. Step 3: Repair with AcnePro Pimple Gel

Vitress Hair Freshener - Sample Room Vitress Hair Freshener is a lightly scented spray-on fragrance for the hair infused with InstaFresh Technology that instantly eliminates unwanted odors leaving your hair with a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance and shine.

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Formula - Sample Room LIGHTENS, SOFTENS AND FLATTENS SCARS Dermatix® Ultra's clinically-proven formulation combines the flattening and softening effects of CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) with the skin lightening effects of Vitamin C Ester to achieve category-leading scar reduction.

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating Lemon Scrubs From the Belo Authority comes a strong follow up to the remarkable success of the Belo Intensive Whitening line, the Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating Lemon Scrubs.

Joy Complete Clean Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon) Joy Complete Clean Dishwashing Liquid is a value for money. It can remove stubborn grease and oil with just a few drops. I just mixed one drop of joy to 1L of water prior to washing.

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