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Don't just Worry about your questions - Get Answers in a free initial consultation. With over 25 years of Courtroom & Trial Experience, Stuart Zukerman has successfully assisted thousands of clients at all levels of Court in Divorce, Separation & Custody disputes, Personal Injury Slip & Fall & ICBC Motor Vehicle claims, Employment & Wrongful Dismissal Claims, and other contractual disputes. With offices in Yaletown or in Surrey at 306-15230 56th ave and with flexible meeting times Stuart is ready to hear your story and advise you as to the best possible solution and will devise the best litigation strategy to obtain the results you want. History Established in 1989. Stuart has been providing family law services for the past 25 years with experience at all court levels. Stuart has also been an accredited Family Law Mediator since 1995. With offices in Yaletown & Surrey and trial and courtroom experience at all levels of Court, Stuart has helped thousands of clients over the past three decades attain their best possible legal results. Stuart has given lectures to organizations and other lawyers on Family Law topics and has published articles through the Continuing Legal Education Society on a variety of Family Law topics.

Founded: 1989

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Property Division - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca In 28 years of practice, we have found property to be one of the most frequent reasons for our clients to go to trial, and almost every trial has involved at least a few issues of property division. Separating spouses go to trial for many property-related reasons, including questions of who should end up with […]

Paternity And Custody In British Columbia - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · When a man is not married to a woman with whom he is in a relationship, and the woman gives birth, the man is not automatically presumed to be the child’s father. An unmarried father will either need to acknowledge the child as his own, together with …

Terms For Guardianship, Custody And Access In Canada ...

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 27, 2017  · Parenting apart is one thing that will happen after a divorce. You and your ex may share responsibilities, but you both may have to care for your child or children on your own from time to time. When you separate, you both must make decisions to affect …

Tim P. Star - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Tim Star is an associate lawyer and focuses exclusively on family law matters. Tim obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. He obtained a Juris Doctor (Law) from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. While in law school Tim was an active member of the Human Rights […]

What Are Some Facts About Child Custody In Canada ...

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · In Canada, the best interests of a child will always be considered before anything else when it comes to guardianship arrangements. There is actually a structured set of criteria that the court abides by. The criteria can be things like the child’s relationship with a parent and how the child’s emotional state would be affected […]

Is A Common-Law Relationship Treated As A Marriage In ...

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Living in Canada, you probably know about common-law relationships. When you live with someone long enough, the law essentially recognizes your marriage and union, although it is not legal in the religious or documented sense of the word. While common-law relationships do provide you with some protections if you end up leaving your partner, there […]

Ending Common Law Relationships In British Columbia ...

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · The laws in British Columbia regarding the rights of Common Law spouses to Property and Debt Division changed significantly in 2013. Here is an overview of what is a Common Law Spouse, their rights and any differences to married couples. If two people have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for two or more years, they […]

Woman Flees To Canada With Children, Claims Abuse In The ...

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 27, 2017  · A man in the United States has been fighting his wife, currently in Canada, for his children, according to the news. The woman, currently being held in Quebec, is in jail because of taking her three children out of Georgia and traveling to Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld an extradition order to send the […]

Kristopher E. Kohler - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Kristopher was called to the bar in 2014 and completed his articling term with Stuart Zukerman prior that. For approximately one year Kristopher worked in downtown Vancouver at both a boutique litigation firm, and larger firm, where he gained experience in general civil litigation. Since mid-2015 Kristopher has practiced exclusively in the area of Family […]

Child Custody In British Columbia - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Parents in British Columbia who are divorcing may need to negotiate child custody as covered by the Divorce Act. The guiding principle for a judge hearing a child custody case is the best interests of the child. Types of Child Custody in BC An individual with custody has the child living with them at least […]

Collaborative Divorce A Possible Alternative - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Very few marriages are predicated on the idea that they will one day end. However, Surrey residents understand that here in Canada, where the divorce rate is said to hover at nearly 50 percent, the potential for a marriage to end in divorce is quite high. These days, more couples are seeking alternatives to the traditional court […]

Shelly H. Butler - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Shelly Butler articled with the firm and is currently associate counsel. Shelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in political philosophy from Concordia University/University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia. She obtained her law degree in 2008 from the University of British Columbia. Shelly previously worked as a […]

Spousal Support - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Determining whether spousal support, including how much it should be and how long it should last, can quickly become a very emotionally charged struggle. Spousal support depends on a number of factors. The federal government publishes Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines to help us begin the conversation, but they are meant as suggestions only. It is […]

The Wrongful Denial Of Parenting Time - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 27, 2017  · Some noncustodial parents in British Columbia believe that they have been denied their right to parenting time. The consequent disputes that arise may be valid if the custodial parent has assumed, without the court’s approval, the legal authority to make alterations to the noncustodial parent’s scheduled time with the child. Parents who are denied contact […]

Family Law - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Family law agreements are legally binding contracts that help both sides define their rights and responsibilities toward one another. They can cover all sorts of family law matters, including property division, parenting, spousal support and adoption.

Celina A. Meghji - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Celina Meghji is the Managing Associate here at Zukerman Law Group. She received her law degree in 2011 from Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Celina has been a part of the Zukerman Law Group Team since the commencement of her legal career and has helped develop the firm since its expansion in 2013. From the beginning of her articles Celina has […]

What Are The Duties Of A Parenting Coordinator? - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Sometimes British Columbia parents are unable to agree on matters regarding the custody of their children. When this happens, the court could impose a parenting coordination order on the parents, making them meet with a parenting coordinator. However, not everyone understands what a parenting coordinator does. A parenting coordinator assists parents in making parenting agreements, …

Divorce Rates in British Columbia - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Sep 21, 2020  · Whether sharing personal experiences or researching options and possibilities, divorce is always a sensitive subject. The process, from start to finish can often feel lonely or confusing but the dissolution of marriages is more common than one might think. Research on the subject involves learning about divorce rates in Canada, common reasons for divorce or […]

Top 5 things to do or think about when ... - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Oct 03, 2018  · When marriages or common law relationships come to an end there is a lot to think about. Stuart Zukerman of Zukerman Law Group tells Global News the top five things you should consider when separating. View full segment

Staff Archive - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca About Us. Offices in Surrey (at Highway 10 & 152nd) & Yaletown. Experience at all levels of Court in British Columbia. Passionate Aggressive Advocacy on your behalf in Court.

Restraining Order BC | Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Although we generally believe that keeping our clients out of British Columbia’s court system is the best and most efficient way to get them what they need, sometimes court is the best solution — or the only solution. This is especially true if you have an urgent problem where time is of the essence, and […]

Smoothing The Road To Divorce In Canada - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · In a world where nearly half of all marriages end in a separation, one might be inclined to believe that divorce proceedings are something most couples understand in at least a cursory way. However, British Columbia residents might be surprised to learn that the finer points of divorce are not actually widely understood by many […]

Divorce Archives - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca A divorce or separation is a high stress situation for anyone, and the issue of support can make this process even more contentious. It is rare in any marriage for...

FAQs - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca The length of time required to achieve a particular step in your case ( such as obtaining a temporary court order), or a final resolution (such as the final decision of a trial judge, or a written separation agreement) depends upon a great number of factors, such as the extent to which the parties are prepared to compromise or their determination to have a judge decide matters for them.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Many individuals in British Columbia and the rest of the country may view divorce as a bitter and emotional battle. However, this may not always be the case. Some couples may generally agree on most divorce matters, resulting in an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, also called an undefended divorce, the divorcing individuals will agree […]

Family Law And Prenuptial Agreements - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · The so-called Millennial generation is often derided for, among other things, a perceived lack of fiscal responsibility. This is why a recent family law study is making waves, suggesting that millennials in British Columbia are far more open to prenuptial agreements than their predecessors were. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case. […]

Zukerman Law Group - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Zukerman Law Group was established in 1989 by Stuart Zukerman. We serve clients throughout Surrey and nearby areas, including Vancouver, Delta, Langley, New Westminster and White Rock.Lawyer Stuart Zukerman has 26 years of courtroom experience in British Columbia and has successfully guided thousands of clients through their legal issues. These include not just separation and […]

Child Custody Archives - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca A separation or divorce is never easy. During these periods, emotions are running high and things become even more complicated when there are children involved.

Divorce Archives - Page 6 of 8 - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Research shows that a growing percentage of people older than 50 end their marriages. Researchers found that the increasing divorce rate among seniors might be the reason for the high incidence of...

Child Custody Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Child abduction and custody are two very concerning aspects of divorce and separation. When custody issues arise, child abductions can become a concern.

Protecting A Family Business During A Divorce - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Many families start their own businesses. Both here in British Columbia and elsewhere in the nation, a significant portion of the working population consists of entrepreneurs that have built businesses they wish to see passed on to their children. But what happens if those children divorce their spouses? This question involves a challenging element of family law that […]

Financial Challenges Of An Early-Life Divorce - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · There has been a great deal of discussion in the last several years involving the over-50 demographic pertaining to the subject of a so-called grey divorce. As some British Columbia residents are already aware, the challenges of divorce are not limited to older people. Indeed, some experts have posited that a divorce in one’s 30s can […]

"Pet Custody" A Relatively New Idea In Divorce - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · Many Canadian families own pets, and those animals are widely considered by their owners to be far more than simply property. Of course, here in British Columbia, the eyes of the law see the most beloved family pets as nothing more than assets to be divided in the event a pet-owning couple seeks divorce. However, […]

Child Support in British Columbia - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jul 13, 2020  · A separation or divorce is never easy. During these periods, emotions are running high and things become even more complicated when there are children involved. In any relationship, the care of a child – or children – is of the utmost importance. In order to reach a fair and honest settlement, many parties choose to […]

News & Publications - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca When to Hire a Spousal Support Lawyer. A divorce or separation is a high stress situation for anyone, and the issue of support can make this process even more contentious.

Debt After Separation: How It's Divided In ... - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · When you get a divorce in British Columbia, you may need to determine what happens to your property and debts. The way you address these issues may affect your life in the long term, which is why your lawyer may help you understand the impact your …

What Is Included In A Guardianship Agreement? - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Jun 26, 2017  · A guardianship agreement defines how your child will live with you and your ex-partner. The agreement shows who has what responsibilities, so you know who is meant to care for your child at any particular time or in any particular situation. In a guardianship arrangement, both parents stay guardians of the children unless it is removed […]

Meena Babin - Zukerman Law

Www.zukermanlaw.ca Meena Babin is the Designated Paralegal and Office Manager of Zukerman Law Group. Meena has been working in the area of Family Law for the past 24 years. Meena has a wide range of experience in all aspects of family litigation support including client communications, file management, preparation of pleadings, court applications, trial preparation, preparing […]

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